Who needs January 1st to set goals?

I’ve been mulling over New Year resolutions. It might be the start of the 2018 but in theory, every day is the start of a new year so really there’s no excuse for putting things off.

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The Big Ride! Look Marmotte Gran Fondo race report

Pre-race Gorillas

It’s been over 5 weeks since The Big Ride so why on earth has it taken me to write my blog about it? Did I not finish it? Did I hate it so much that I’ve blocked it all from my mind? Absolutely not. I totally loved The Big Ride and have thought about it every day since.

People warned me that there would be a gaping hole once it was over and they were right, I’ve had post-ride blues and have delayed writing this entry as it signifies the final chapter of my Marmotte challenge.
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The Final Countdown

It’s the day before ‘The Big Ride’ and I’m sat in a chalet in Venosc. It’s been a week of ‘highs and lows’ in many ways. There’s been plenty of training miles, multiple bottles of red wine drunk, bread munched to excess and the bikes seem to have been cleaned continuously.

In amongst the stomach churning nerves, it’s time to think how ready I am.

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Winter Miles, Summer Smiles!

As we move into March, supposedly springtime, I thought it would be a good time to reflect on my winter training.

My winter training officially started in October. When the clocks changed the long bib tights came out and the winter wheels were donned. Although there were some lovely fresh autumnal days, on the whole it was time to hit the garage and forget about average speeds and start focusing on form, fitness and strength.

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